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Monday, 5 September 2016

Lyre and chickens.

Blimey it's been a lovely couple of days here!  Early spring, cool, sunny and glorious!

Saturday I had Fireys in the morning, then in the afternoon spent some time outside with my lyre while the chooks ranged around me.  I'm still working on the new song so was tinkering with that and then played a few old favorites just to keep my hand in.  It was very pleasant indeed!

Nanny Ogg was enjoying herself too, showing off her fine Australorp figure.

Sunday we popped over to my sisters Jen's place to give Bro-in-Law his late birthday present, then I did some baking and a bit of guitar playing ( Weee! Am loving playing Ghosts of the Open Road so much!) then it was off to our first controlled fuel reduction burn of the spring.

The weather was perfect; not too cold or hot, not too windy.  It did get a bit smoky due to a bit of wetness in the leaf mulch still. Ah well, we have such a short burning window here we had to get going, so sorry about that neighbours!

You can see why I was calling Paul T "Apocalypse Man," after getting this shot!

I am superman and don't need to breathe air like you mere mortals!
It was lovely for me because I really liked the team we took.  This is Jen and Michelle clowning around during blacking out while in the background the guys light up a pile of branches that we later were told the owner was saving for a bonfire. Whoops!  :D 


Phil from Liverpool has recently joined the brigade and I do enjoy hearing his accent. It's not so much like my own Da who has lost his, but very like my aunties.  He took to the firebug like a natural.

I loved having sister Jen with me and we got to drive the Light Tanker back to the station together.  Bonus!   

I was a tad (a lot) buggered by the end.  Need to get my fire season fitness up some more, but I do have the excuse of still being a snot-monster.  My cold is taking a while to clear out.  
 Cyrano has been enjoying the weather too and he accompanied me over to mum's today to have lunch with us and posed for us to appreciate him.  I thought his eyes looked particularly beautiful here with the pupils closed up to show more of his lovely pearly-green irises.  

Wherever you are, may the turning of the seasons bring you some mild days of natural beauty to enjoy!  We're taking every advantage of ours!

Heh, Andrew just came in from another burn.  He is a tiny bit feeeeelthy!

He's a bit buggered now too, having been out two days in a row, but as our Lieutenant pointed out yesterday, it is righteous buggeredness!   It certainly is a satisfying job, but not really for those who like to stay pristine and clean. 

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