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Monday, 26 September 2016

Life Goes On, Mostly Without Me!

At day six of the fun flu, I am actually feeling vaguly human this afternoon, but it is a shallow thing.

Andrew has done a great job of holding the fort, while i laid around and sweated and coughed and groaned.

Sickies get to watch with a cup of tea while the last two bonfires of the season get burned.

Sickies are very boring for their dogs.

But the cat doesn't care as long as there is someone to give him kitty smooches.

Luckily daddy was available to take them up the block for walks, at least on the days when he wasn't out fencing with a fellow brigade member.  

 While I've been busy dying, the spring has been arriving. 

Our little oak tree up the block is poised to burst into leaf.

I hope I'll feel the same way in the next few days!


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  1. As it shows in your words, your sense of humour is very healthy. :) I hope you're feeling better today, precious sister.
    Spring has arrived around here too. The smell of the night is already different, I love it.
    Sending vibrational tea and a big hug.


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