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Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Firey Weekend

Well it's not much like spring here today.  It's grey and windy and the wind is freezing!  We took the dogs up the block and then came home again to hide in the warm. 

Andrew made us a new handle for our potbelly stove today.  I'm glad because we had the old split one wired up and the wire on it would get too hot.

As you can see. Tuppy is in her usual fave spot.  :)  

We're having a bit of a slow day today because we had a busy weekend.  We had our usual Fireys on Saturday, and then on Sunday we went down to the city to go to the local Fire and Emergency Services award breakfast and we also poked our noses into the exhibition while there was a speech on.  We had the place almost to ourselves and got to check out all the display appliances and such.  

Angus didn't win the Bushfire Service award, but he was one of three very worthy short-listers so we weren't worried about that.  In fact he was happy because he didn't have to make a speech.  :)


I have no idea what I was doing in this picture?  Looks like I'm eating baked goods off the Lazy Susan without hands or cutlery.  :D  Can't be that though because they weren't gluten free so were off the list for me.  Food sensitives suck!  I had to eat a few things that I'd normally avoid (egg, bacon) or I'd have had nothing to eat, but gluten really creams me so it was easy to get myself to avoid the cakes and croissants.  As it is I'm dumb as a post today, headachey and in more pain than usual, and Andrew didn't avoid as many things as me and feels worse than that. I wonder how many people walk through life in a brain fog and/or in pain induced by their eating choices and never realised they don't have to feel like that? 

Each finalist for the six awards had a little video made showing their brigade and a bit of an interview with them.  They were really great to watch.  I bet it was a bit excruciating for shy Angus to have to watch his though!

Michelle got that picture with perfect timing.  :) Way to go Michelle!

These were all the winners and finalists.  What a bunch of great people!  Emergency Services Volunteers rock!  

One of the stalls in the exhibition let you type in your brigade and find out how many fires you attended in the last five years.  Apparently we've attended 271 but only handed in official paperwork for 221.  Oops!   Ah well, Fireys tend to be very practical people.  We don't much love the paperwork side of things, but the main thing is that we were there to fight all those fires.

Not much chance of fires today, but the fire season is fast approaching.  We've been doing plenty of training and recruiting this year and we're ready, and just as well because we've had a wet winter and the grass is ris!       

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  1. Hi, blissful sister!
    Knowing what we can eat really makes a big difference in our lives. My body is very sensitive to nightshades and some oils (sesame, mustard, dendê, olive... the warm ones), and since I started to avoid eating these things, my healthy improved beautifully.
    How's your week so far?
    Big hug!


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