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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Drumming and Other Thunder.

It's been a bit of a stormy time weather-wise here lately. We've had some wet and chilly dog walks.

The dogs don't care though!

That's our neighbour's house up at the block. It went up for sale this week.  Newish 4 x 2 house on five unloved acres.  $850 000!  Real estate here is nuts despite the recent down-turn in the great mineral grab.

Stormy weather and dog walks = lots of rainbows!

This was taken above the local pub the other morning. Rain just past, more rain on the way, and in between, this glowing sky. No, sadly, we weren't in our way home from an all-nighter, we were up early and out dog walking as usual! 

In between storms on Wednesday, we went round the firebreak here and there to keep our brains fresh.  The neighbour's three horses came to see if we'd give them some fresh grass over the fence, and of course we obliged.

This grey Appy is my fave. Such a pretty girl and I love her white-tipped ears.  He's had both Appies from weanlings (in those days one was chestnut and one dark grey!) and they must be in their teens now, and the chestnut QH mare is in her twenties.  Lucky, much loved horses!
More please!
Ok, here it comes!
Writing on Land of Giants is positively cranking along this week. It's pretty easy to keep the words coming when your characters are fighting a Smilodon or two!  Word count as of my final session for the week was 88 154 words.

I've been doing well with my music too.  Tin whistle, guitar and lyre sessions have all been had, mostly lyre plus one of the others each day. Current song that is almost worked out is Jabberwocky!  I'll try to get a video this week. 

We actually got some photos of drumming last week.

With all of us having some experience, we really got into some changing patterns and breaks.  Was great fun!  If you are facebooky, you can see two videos of us here:

And here:

Particularly enjoyed the second one.  We had three patterns going at once, and were taking turns keeping going while the others stopped their pattern and added in the break over the top, and it sounded great to be part of it.

A bit more wood chopping got done this week for a brigade member. We finished his big pile of logs!  Yay us!

Pierre was there too but he's camera shy.  (And he shouldn't be!)

At the sensible age of 11, Cyrano stays in when the weather is bad.  Preferably with someone nearby to smooch him, or someone to sit on!

Our sweet boy. He went to the vet last week for a teeth clean but came out of his anaesthetic well.

I'm going to take a picture of him all week, one a day.  I think by the end of the week they'll all look like they were taken within minutes of each other.  :D


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  1. I cannot believe how much that white Appy gelding (?) looks like our Ladde boy!! The expression in the eye is even the same. :) Horses and dogs make for a good life... oh yes, and pusses too, of course. Your Cyrano looks undeniably quite pleased with his current living arrangements. Our old boy - who knows how old he really is - Patch blind in one eye, came to us quite scraggly and looking like he'd suffered being run over by a car. Anyway, he's looking his age lately, gets skinny in summer and fattens up over winter. We love him though. Most opinionated and stubborn cat EVER! Was looking longingly at your cool, sweat wearing weather...we are cooking over here, temps in the low 100's for a few days, and an outside wedding to go to tomorrow. Bet the bar will be a favorite spot! Good to hear from you, hope all is well.


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