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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Woah! Busy Thursday!

Yesterday was busy, but in a varied and therefore good way.

I got my words, which pleased me because I've had a bit of a lull in motivation this week. Not usual for me when writing, but there is a lot of other stuff going on and I have 40 000 words down and have been writing steadily for eight weeks, so I am ok about having a little break.  It was good to be back at the keyboard yesterday, which I guess shows that my rest from writing was useful, but is now over.  

We also went out for a picnic lunch, sans dogs, and videoed my version of Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd.  Have to get it off the video camera and onto youtube and I haven't seen it yet myself.  We did it beside running water so the sound might not be good enough.  We'll see. For now I only have a photo.

By the way, this image came by my Fb feed via Paul (thanks for sharing it, Paul) and I thought it might be useful to others like me who are bad at reading times signatures in musical notation.

Then in the afternoon my youngest niece came over for another art lesson and she finished her big project portrait of herself and her pony Ollie.  Phew!  It was a long and complicated project for a ten year old, but she stayed keen to the end and is very happy with her final result.

I love these shots of her concentration as she works.

Here she is doing the signature!  The final proud flourish!


The whole thing required much discussion, experimentation and even over-painting, so I think she learned a lot.

Then it was time to cook dinner, but just as we started, we got a call out to a car fire down on the highway.  Off we went!

It was pretty exciting getting the 1.4 down the highway though all the stalled traffic.

But Elton did a good job.   Good on you, Elton!

The smoke was horrible. Our masks don't really protect us enough from it, so we aren't supposed to be at car fires. You need full breathing apparatus for it really.  We get the calls though and then we help with traffic and make sure the fire doesn't get into the bush.

Directing traffic was interesting. Amazing what speed some people think is going to be slow enough to get past this sort of thing safely!

I felt very sorry for the poor people, who were off on a holiday with their caravan when their car caught fire. The car was pretty much a pile of char by the time it was fully out.  They had a dear little apricot poodle who was safely held in the arms of one of the owners.  And that is why you slow down going past accidents and fires.  Who knows if that dear little dog, or a child, might not act oddly due to being frightened and dash onto the road?

Here's my dear little dogs safely inside our not on fire car.  :)

Got any yummies for dogs in that shopping?

Come on, when's the walk?  This shopping thing has knobs on!


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