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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Puppies and silly dogs.

Argh!   Some people we know have got themselves a GWP puppy.  She looks just like Buffy did at that age and is so snuggly just like her, and it's pretty much killing me with jealousy.  I miss my Wirey girls so much, still, even though it's been four years since Buffy left us.

The changing of the guard.
Ah well, life changes. We have our Labbie girls now. I will always love the GWPs but we really don't have the energy for the long walks and large amounts of brain stimulation that they need.  Maybe one day soon a small snuggly dog will join the household. I'm sure we can fit in a little one!  

I found these photos the other day. Not sure if all these pics are of Rosie because we didn't know to mark the black puppies' photos with signs but it was certainly her and her sister and brothers.  I was a tad enamoured of them, as you can tell.  :)

A bit older.

Rosie had a very fun upbringing, going along to retrieving training and getting to play with all the other lovely gundogs.

These pics make me smile.

Rosie getting very silly with some Goldies.

Rosie and her bro Inky.


Rosie and Inky Chasey Game
Inky, Jock and Rosie.

Great Uncle Jock, Inky and Rosie with Tam looking on.   

Tess leading her puppies to mischief.

When is it my turn?  


There have certainly been black Labs in my life for a long time.  

Mum with Julie and I.

I wonder what breed will be next... or will she be a little crossbreed rescue this time?  All I know is that she will have to be snuggly and fit easily on laps.  :)


  1. My heart just melted. Baby Tina was super cute and totally adorable. What a beautiful Mum!
    Dogs! We sure must have done something wonderful to deserve the company of dogs in this lifetime. Or they are all Light masters helping us to be better this time. hehehe
    Big hug!

  2. Cute and adorable as well as trouble and mess and we still love 'em. If only people could be as nice!!


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