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Sunday, 12 June 2016

More winter walks.

Dawn was lovely on Saturday.  Both here...

And when we got up to the block for our walk...

Saturday morning I went over and took some photos for my sister and nieces of them riding their horses.  Jen's Irish Draft sporthorse boy, Fionn, is under saddle now and beginning to learn his job, so we wanted some progress shots of him.

Niamhy and her Ollie.

Molly and her Mahlee.

It was fun getting photos of them all riding at once.  The kids are getting so good now, they saddle up on their own and ride independently so Jen can ride at the same time too.

Saturday afternoon we went and helped one of our older Firey members cut up some firewood.   My sister Jen took the opportunity to get some lessons in using a chainsaw while she had my smaller 'hers' chainsaw there to use.  She did good!

It is kind of scary watching the guys using the bigger chainsaws in typical blokey devil-may-care ways. I showed Jen the proper way.  :D

Terrible objectifying of Andrew here but couldn't help taking this shot of his bum looking so nice in his firey pants.  :D

We did an hour and a half and then had yummy afternoon tea. It's all part of being in the Brigade family. 

This morning we took a walk round the block. These are very big blocks!  Part of the walk takes you down this cutting along the old railway line that is now a walk and bridle path.  It is dark and smells very fertile and earthy along there. When passing through them, I often think of the convicts who made these cuttings, done the hard way with shovels and picks.

It was a nice surprise to find this little bit of environmental art along the side of the cutting.   

I love it when other people do quirky stuff for you to find.

It was a bit rainy but I do enjoy a winter weather walk, and the Labbie girls don't care!

Come on daddy!  Time to go!
Yesterday I had a nice peaceful day of reading, crochet, wood splitting, baking and lyre playing. Ah, a home day, just what I needed!  

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