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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Fireys, rainbows and slouch beanies.

It's been an an odd week.  I've been a bit distressed about a schism that has been happening at our fire brigade, and it has affected both my thinking and my health.  Why do people desire power to the point of destroying the thing they want power over?  I don't know. It is not in me to understand it.

Ah well, am trying to let go of that and just enjoy the people I enjoy, keep the ultimate goal of the brigade in mind, and hope that it all resolves itself. It is sad, though, to think that you are part of a team and find out that actually there are two teams, and sometimes they pull together but mostly they were pulling in different directions with different agendas.


We did go out to one call out this week, another car fire, this time a wheel on a semi trailer that had a seized bearing. The efficient young truck driver had already got it out by the time we arrived. 

It was a bit of a non event, which, when you think about it, are the best kind when you are in a fire brigade, but since it was me, Nikki and Andrew in the 1.4 and Angus and Paul T in the Light Tanker, some of my favorite people in the brigade, it was actually a fun night.  We had a nice chat back at the station and it made me feel a lot better about everything.

Last Saturday, for Schedules, we split into two teams (Ha!  Ironic!) ) and took turns cleaning out the old station and doing a driving exercise.  I went out in the Light Tanker with my Bro-in-law Craig driving, so that was nice.  It rained pretty heavily so the tracks were fun.

My youngest niece, Niamh, came along to help and got to try out some of her mum's gear.

How adorable is she?

There was a lovely rainbow the other morning when we went out for our dog walk.

We got a silly selfie with it. Interesting to see that one of my eyes is drooping a bit there. Not surprising since my body has not been happy this week.  It used to be quite marked in the Lyme days, and this might be a sign to up my salt a bit more in case the dreaded bug has taken a stronger hold.  I called it my Aughra eye, (a Dark Crystal reference for those fellow fantasy geeks out there).


I think this was the best ever photo I got of my Aughra eye.  This was a very nice Percheron called Guinness who belonged to the people who were selling a horse that I didn't buy, though I sometimes wish I had. 

This pic always cracks me up.  :)

Writing is back on track, thank Brigid!  It took me quite a few 'blood on the forehead' days to get back into flow.  Yesterday I went over the 50 000 word mark.  Hardest 10 000 words I've written in years.  Not so much because of the story, as too much else distracting my brain and dragging me down.  Let that be a lesson to you, grasshoppers!  Don't let people and their machinations distract you from your true life's purpose!  Go sit in the sun and play a musical instrument instead, and when your mind is peaceful once more, then go in and write like there's no tomorrow.

Speaking of which, I've been messing with Jethro Tull's, "Cup of Wonder," for my next song on the lyre.  It has always been one of my faves of theirs, though in truth it would be hard to pick an utter fave.  Still not sure if it will work, or be pleasurable to sing with the lyre. As I found with "Gay Bar", which I really did begin to work out, some songs just feel boring when sung on the lyre.  Since I kind of have to keep practicing every song I have in my lyre lexicon, or I forget them, I only want to stick with songs that give me a frisson of pleasure every single time I play and sing them.

"Cup of Wonder," for, as a Fb friend of mine would say, the happiness of the people.  :)

Crochet at the moment is two projects.  One is a slouchie beanie for me made from that beautiful hand-painted yarn from my friend, Marigold and dog, plus some red that complements it nicely.  It's a bit of a slow one since the fingerling weight/4 ply yarn is so fine, and the half double crochet stitch is one I always find a bit awkward, but the result is pleasing.

The other one is the new 'flowery pasture' afghan for my middle niece.  So far I have this many squares and it looks like it might be quite nice.  Sometimes you get to a certain size and realise that the design isn't working and have to change plans.  So far so good. We'll see!

Interesting how the colours change under flash or lamp light. Lamp was even worse. Those are all different greens in the background, no purples or navy blues, I swear to you!   

We have a few fine days in a row forecast here.  Glorious sunny cold days of middle winter.  I plan on making sure I get out into them as much as possible! I'm sure the dogs would be glad to hear it.  They're loving their crispy cold morning walks!

This is dear little Skila, who I got to give some pats to yesterday while mum and I were visiting a brigade friend for a cuppa.   Always love an extra doggy fix! 

She is a lovely gentle family member.  Dogs are so cool!  Aren't we lucky to have them, in all their varied forms?



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