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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Another Anglo-Saxon Lyre Song At Last!

We went up to Noble Falls last week to record this, because part of the song is about going to water to earth yourself.  It seemed right. 

It was a lovely day, cold but sunny. I wore my wrist warmers so my hands would be warm enough to play the lyre properly, not to be all rock god.  :)

Expecting to need quite a few goes to get it right for the video as usual, I was super chuffed to get the song out on the second attempt.  As you can tell at the end!

The song is, "Follow the Sun," by Xavier Rudd.  It's a lovely song and wise too. I hope you enjoy my version.

This week has been a tad grey and even colder than last week. Yesterday it never got above 10C on our verandah.  We're still off for another picnic today, sans lyre this time. It's been years since I visited Hovea Falls, a local place of much power that I wrote into Land of Fire.  It's time to go back, grey day or no!        


  1. Yay!! Splendid! So good to see you playing and singing, Tina! What a beautiful song!

    It's also very good to see that you are enjoying winter. :) I love picnics. I used to invite my friends for picnics in my backyard when I was 10-12yo. But I still have to convince my sweet husband to go out for a picnic with me, he always says that ants will devoir him. hehehehe Oh and mosquitoes too!

    Blessings and much love,

    1. Picnics are so much fun! It is so nice to just pack a sandwich and few sweeties and head off. We also have some nice little pad thingies to sit our aging butts on so they don't get too sore. :)


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