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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Musical this and that.

Got this atmospheric pic of Andrew playing his Ukulele in the screened pergola. We're using it every day. So nice to be able to play your instrument and not dodge mosquitoes or flies.

I'm still having a ball at the community drum circle.  Now I'm thinking I need a bigger djembe like the ones they have at the circle.  They're better for playing while seated on ordinary chairs.  Ah well, you can never have too many musical instruments!

Am very proud this week to have been able to transpose my first song from other instruments/voice onto my Anglo-Saxon Lyre on my own.  Only a simple one, but very exciting for me anyway.  It is "Ah! Robin," an approximately 15 C song by William Cornysh.

There are some lovely versions of this song on youtube.  This one is by Vox Luminus.

And listening to that one led me on to this one, "Susanne Un Jour": 

Glorious!  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Music, and the beauty and communality of making and listening to it, is a redeeming feature of humanity.  I I love how much they use their bodies while they sing this one.

I'm off to Firey training this weekend while Andyroo holds the fort and keeps the dogs company.  Wish me luck.  I had a bit of a health crash last night.  Shitty timing!  Think I'd better take a pillow so I can lie quietly up the back of the class for a while here and there!

My tenth book's first draft is getting so close to finishing.  I'm leaving it in a good place for the weekend and am looking forward to getting back to it next week.  I think Ill be having a rest for new writing after that.  I need to get the Freya sequel edited, and I need to do research for the sequel of Land of Fire.  We all need rests sometimes, even from doing things we love.

May you have all the rest you need this week, and may it contain all the things you love too.           


  1. Love that song Ah! Robin,! So beautiful!!

    Wishing you good luck and a wonderful weekend! May you feel comfortable and strong.

    Infinite love,


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