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Thursday, 26 November 2015

A year of blogging!

Golly, that year went fast.  :)  Guess that's because in a few weeks I'll be fifty. Time definitely moves quicker the older you get.

Biggest news this week is that I've finished the first draft of my tenth novel, Heroic Plans.  As usual, I'll put it away now for at least six weeks and come back to it freshly after that.  That's my favorite bit; getting to read the book as if it was written by someone else, before I've gone over it so many times I know it to death.

I'm looking forward to doing that with Freya and the Hairy Goddess, my ninth book, but I won't begin until next week.  I've got my second full weekend of Firey training starting tomorrow and I still haven't finished my pre-reading for it.

Cyrano kitty says, "Whatever, as long as you have time for smooches and much admiration of my wonderfulness."

Nobody does contented like a contented kitty!

Andrew's crew of office amigurumi, bunny, batty, puffin and Cthulu, came home this week, along with his kneeling chair, since he is home now on sabbatical for three or four months before he begins another contract. 

With Andrew home all the time, every day is going to feel like the weekend!  He deserves a good rest, but he does plan on fighting fires, doing a lot of amateur radio, and doing plenty in the workshop too, so will be interesting to see what comes of all that.  If not a rest, then at least he won't be having to commute!

The vegie garden is going great guns.  We have tiny baby burpless cucumbers on the vines, and the tomatoes have already got away from me a few times, with rather large extra side branches having to be snipped off.  Keeping them going up and not too bushy helps them avoid fungal issues later, but if one of the extras avoids me long enough to put out flowers, I leave it be and just tie it up with the rest.

I know I said I wouldn't show any Christmas Amigurumi, but I had to show you this guy.  I won't say what he'll be become, or who he's for, but this middle stage is rather funny!

Now that Andrew is on hols, he is going to come to drumming circle.  They got some more video this week.  If you have a facebook account, you can go watch.  Fun!

I played my lyre for them a bit too.  Scary, but not as scary as it would be in front of strangers, and good practice for me.  Andyroo has bought me some better recording equipment (Intimidatingly good for a plinky-plonk amateur player like me.) so hopefully will record some more songs soon.  Right now all is geared to getting through this coming weekend of Firey training. After that I'll be able to think of other things.


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