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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Music and Radio

Well, we had a weekend of both doing what we love.  Andrew got to spend hours and hours working a radio, and I got to play music with other people.  Yay!

It was the birthday of one of my nieces, Molly, so since she is currently mad for playing her ukelele, I took my guitar, Pele El Kabongo, over to their place and we all got to have a jam together.  I love playing music with other people and it doesn't happen often enough.

That's me, my sister Jen and my niece Molly.  We're playing Riptide, by Vance joy, which I've heard on the radio but never tried to play before.  It was fun though!

Here's a little video of us mangling it with great enjoyment.  :)

Molly is very talented and plays violin and piano as well, but even for us mere mortals, the ukelele seems like a really easy instrument to pick up and start playing.  It's also had a big resurgence of popularity lately and there's heaps of free info and songs for the uke online.  They're relatively cheap to buy too! So if you've been feeling the urge, go for it, whatever the instrument.  Remember it's not about perfection. Learning music is engaging, mind stretching, and just downright fun, and you can begin it at any age.  Look at it this way; in ten years time, if you haven't started learning, you'll definitely still not be able to play, but if you pick up that instrument now, well, who knows what songs you'll be playing by then!

At the same time we were getting our musical jam on, Andyroo was out in stormy, cold and wet weather for about 12 hours, activating Blackboy Hill for the Anzac 100th Anniversary.  Just before lunch, I popped down with fruitcake straight out of the oven and more strong coffee.  The wind was icy and heavy showers were blowing in and out. They were all cheery and happy, though, doing what they love.  Hobbies are a funny thing, aren't they!

Sadly, I forgot to take any pics while I was there. I'd meant to get the guys all in one shot together.  Bugger!

Here are Bob and maybe Daniel trying to hold down the tent so it won't blow away.

Here are Bob and Glynn working the radio,  See, it does get cold in Australia!

And here's the set up.  They had their aerial really high, put up there with the cast of a fishing rod, and I can see Andyroo adding a fishing rod to his own gear very soon!  Save all that messing about chucking up weights with lines tied to them, then ducking when they fall on your head instead of where they're supposed to be!  (That's how we've been doing it anyway.)  They got contacts from as far away as Russia, I think, though would have to check that with Andyroo.  It's possible anyway.  High frequency radio has an amazing carrying ability when conditions are right.

Ah well, they had fun, but I'm glad I was at my sis's cosy house playing music instead!

Jen just sent me this pic of mum and Jen's old girl, Freyja from when we three had a cuppa this morning.  Freyja is thirteen now.  She's a lovely dog and a good snuggler.  We've always been fond of each other, but I also think she likes to visit here because she fits so well on our couch.  It's hard being a horse-sized couch potato!

I've taken off the training wheels with Old man, the Ensiferum song I've been learning on the lyre.  Give me a week to get it a bit better and I'll record it for you to hear.


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