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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Me playing the lyre again, the second song I've learned!

Ok, here goes.  I didn't video it this time, so I could make sure it recorded to the end.  I used Garage Band to record instead, then dropped it into imovie.

I've put put some nature photos from around here onto the video to give you something to look at while the recording plays.  :)

Just to remind you, here's my lyre, made very kindly for me by my husband, Andrew.

The song, Old Man, was originally, believe it or not, a seriously metal song by Ensiferum, very cleverly adapted (and done much better than I do it) by Vitian. While you are at it, listen to some of the amazing songs done by his fairy folk band, Pilgrim. I love how the internet has opened music up for us so much. So many new genres, so much new music to listen to! 

This is a little trepidatious at times and a wobble here and there, but, here it is, Mondream (the lyre) and I doing, "Old Man":  

I hope you enjoy it.  I've had so much fun learning it.  Hmm, what song to learn next, I wonder?  Some delicious choices out there, or I could write another one of my own!

If you want more Anglo-Saxon lyre, listen to this beauty!  Oh my!  So gorgeous!

If I'm to begin using the, "block and Strum," technique as Brian Kay sometimes does in that beautiful song, I'll need a wrist strap.  Now, do I buy a ready-made one or learn a little of the ancient art of tablet weaving and make my own?  If you know me, you know the answer to that!
We'll be pretty busy the next couple of days, doing this and that for the Bushfire Brigade so I've posted this entry a day early.

Oh, and writing is going well.  21 509 words done on Heroic Plans as of today!  I'm deep into horses and dogs, and the mystery is just setting up to get started. The words are coming easily so far.  Most days I look at my word count and get a surprise to see I've gone well over the 1000 words a day I like to set myself.

After the musical fun my family had last weekend, Andyroo has bought himself a ukelele as well.  He's got the bug!  Look forward to further family uke and guitar music!  Or should I say, "beware"?  :D      

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