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Monday, 3 August 2015

Imbolc Downunder

Imbolc is my favorite festival.  I love gentle Brigid with her core of fire.  I love winter just hinting at spring.  I love the feel of the air and the sky, and I love the green growing things that are thriving at this time of year.

Andyroo and I took a walk into the reserve yesterday, on what had turned into a stunningly lovely afternoon, to get some photos for you of the early spring Western Australian Jarrah/Marri Forest wildflowers.

At one point the dogs got way too interested in something which turned out to be a nice fresh dead Wood duck, so since I had the camera, Andyroo got the job of moving it up into a tree fork where they couldn't get to it any more.  Yummy!

Why did you take it off us, mama? We know not to eat the green wobbly bit!  (Oh no they don't, and pardon the obscure reference to Terry Pratchett there!)

The dogs enjoyed their bonus walk in the bright winter sunlight, and so did we.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures! 

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