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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Dog Walk at Bells Rapids.

Bleagh, had the chucks last night.  Ironically, I think I picked up a tummy bug at the first aid course we attended for the Fireys on Saturday!

We didn't get any photos of our day, but I will tell you that we did more repetitions of CPR than I've ever done at a course before.  Felt like a million, and my butt muscles are now killing me!  Ah well, don't think I'll forget the drill after all those reps... ever! (Which is the point of doing so many, I guess.)

So, since I am feeling very under the weather and am going to head back to bed to snooze with my doggies and kitty, I will post you some photos of a recent trip the girls and I made to see a lovely local spot.  It is largely ignored until the Avon Descent, a big local event, when for one weekend the place is full of people watching as kayakers and such fall into the water in the rapids or have to port their crafts over the rocks, but it soon returns to peacefulness.

It is rather an unusual site along the Swan River. I've seen quite a bit of our river, what with retrieving trialing and all, but I don't think there is anywhere else like Bell's Rapids.  The dark, smooth rocks that look like fossilized wood, and the dark, deep valley.  Very prehistoric feeling.

Of course the dogs had a great time.  This is my fave photo. Rosie is caught with her ears akimbo, mid jump from rock to rock.

On the way home, I stopped to get a photo for you of these guys, catching some rays and having a nibble on a hillside beside the road.  See, we really do have kangaroos everywhere in Australia.  :)


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