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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Blossoms and singing Magpies. Is it spring already?

I just love lucerne trees!  Check out these beauties currently flowering here.

How cute is that view through to the cottage?

We had some more firewood delivered this week so we received more Proteas. The big white one is known as a Queen Protea, I was told.  Pretty!

Tuppy got herself into a bit of a bind this week.  The two girls went out for their usual bedtime patrol of the property, and when it was time to come back in I could hear a pathetic little bark coming from the darkness.  They had both been madly mousing during the day around the chook pen, and lo! when I took a torch and went to investigate, what do I see but a very large black chicken in the pen?  She'd pushed all the logs and rocks out of the way where I had blocked a crappy bit of fence that needed repair, then managed to force her way under the fence but couldn't get out again.

"Help! Help!  (How embarrassing!)"

Last night the Magpies were singing from their nesting trees. It is so beautiful.  I'm not sure why they do this, either as a territorial thing or to keep in touch with other members of the family group, but it only happens at nesting time.  This year our resident lot are nesting in a tree very close to the cottage.  We usually get on well and they don't see us as a threat, so hopefully the dad won't take it into his head to swoop us, since that could get hectic with the nest so close!

I took a little bit of video so you can hear the singing.  There is the close nest, and then you can just hear a further away one answering back and forth.  Turn up your volume for best hearing. It's pitch black of course!

And finally (spider phobics go no further!) this 'little' lady has been popping up in odd places this week.  She finally did her dash by abseiling down from the mezzanine floor right beside me, with legs akimbo and apparently in a bit of a temper.  At that point it was time to relocate her to a more relaxing (for me) new home in the great outdoors.  I have learned to live with the Huntsmans, but not if they get antsy.  We've had bigger.  She was only about the size of your palm, but still, out you go madam!

I'd rather live with the bigger, more placid older girls!

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