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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Mum and I and the Dogs go to Noble Falls

Saturday afternoon was a totally beautiful winter afternoon. The light was golden and slanting, the air was crisp, the sun was a little warm if you stood right in it.  Andyroo was off at his amateur radio club, so mum and I got the dogs into the car and went off to visit Noble Falls.  It is about 25mins from where we live.

Someone was a little bit excited to be getting a bonus walk! (The same someone who is excited quite a lot of the time.)


Mum walks Angus on a Halti because he is a little bit strong for her aging joints if he takes it into his head to suddenly lunge. He sulks a bit but he behaves himself very well while wearing it.  Usually he only wears it while they walk to and from the bush or training so he was horrified to find he had to be on lead for the whole walk this day.  There is a busy country road nearby to this falls and when he and Tuppence get together they are inclined to range too widely.  Better safe than sorry!

Angus doing his, "I hate my Halti but I'm a good boy," face.

It's a really pretty spot here in winter. I usually try to get across here at least once each winter.  In summer the Wooroloo Brook dries up so it's not so nice then.   The water is pretty low for this time of year, actually.  Sometimes that little fall you can see at the back of this photo and behind mum in the one below is spread right across that shelf of rock.

This is a very short video I did four years ago when Tuppence and Angus were just a twinkle in my mum's eye.  This was Rosie, Buffy and I, and you can see how much more water there is going over the falls.  I was sitting a little left of where mum is standing in the above pic.

 We walked along a little walk trail that goes beside the water for a while. I usually come in the morning so it was lovely to see the way the late afternoon sun shone across the water.

After we had a little walk we sat on a rock near the falls and soaked up some negative ions.  The dogs would have preferred more walk!

But once they realised we were stopped for now. They sat and enjoyed the sights as well.

Sweet Rosie, happy as ever.

Tuppence.  I don't often get a smiling photo of her because when she is smiling she is usually also on the move. 

It is a great place for paddling but some places are very slippery so we got to enjoy watching a kid inevitably fall into the water (sorry no photo).  When did I turn into the person who was watching instead of the person falling on her arse in the water?  Not sure it is a good thing, but then no way was I going to try to skate round on the slippery wet rocks while being towed by two Labradors!

The site of best slippage and wet bums.

Instead of going paddling, we sedately sat and enjoyed the peaceful water.

  Then we went home, feeling happy. 


  1. What many delightful things. Dogs, negative ions, beauty, a body that can walk, hanging with your ma. Mmmmm!

  2. What a lovely day!! Those happy faces are so kissable! Kissing all the sweet dogs on the nose. And the humans on the cheeks! :) :) :) Every time I see you enjoying your physical body like this, I get very happy.

    Hi Tina's Mum!!



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