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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dogs I've painted on T-shirts over the years.

I realised I hadn't put any art of Sally on my last post.  Sadly, I only have one painting I did of her, which was on a  T-shirt I did for Andrew for Christmas while she was alive.

Here's the t-shirt I did for Andrew with Sally, Tam and Buffy on it.

It was only while scanning it up that I realised it had Buffy's cute spotty front feet showing on the side there! 

While looking for the photo of that, since the shirt itself has long ago worn out (a definite disadvantage of putting your art on clothing!) I hunted out a little album I have of some of the art I've done over the years that went to other people.  I'd forgotten about some of these paintings I did on T-shirts for people, but I thought you might like to see them.

I think this Staffy was for a work mate of Andrew's.
I wasn't much in the habit of doing progress shots in those days, but for some reason we did take photos of this next one as I went.  Two more Staffies!  You can see I developed a technique on the dark t-shirts of painting first in white to allow me to really bring the work out at the end.  It stopped the later applications of paint from sinking into the fabric and disappearing.  Bit spooky really!   

One dog done!

Two dogs and background done.

Then I was asked to do a copy of this painting of Otterhounds on a t-shirt.

The original is a watercolour by John Sargent Noble, link for this photo here if you'd like a print.  :)

This was my attempt at a copy.  The dark t-shirt changed things a lot, but even looking back at it now, I think I did ok.

The lady it was for has Goldies now, and had Gordon Setters back in Scotland, but I never found out why she wanted Otterhounds!  I think I did her a painting of a Gordon Setter at some point too, and also she won a painting from me for a trophy for a retrieving trial once.  Ah yes, here it is!  I did their lovely boy Dante, though not on a t-shirt!

Gee, can't seem to find a photo of the Gordon Setter painting.  Wonder if I ever took one?

Funny how you can spend so long on paintings and then forget that you ever did them.  Lucky I kept photos of most of them!

In case you are wondering, my first two weeks of writing on my next book, Heroic Plans, has gone to schedule, as the word count as of finishing writing today was 11007.  It's fun to be back writing in the horse world, and I am enjoying being inside Tam's head.  Tam was a side character in Cunning Plans and this time she gets to have the spotlight.  There's a lot more going on inside Tam than I knew when I began!  Such is the experience of a novelist: Those characters take on lives, and thoughts, of their own!        

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