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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Dog Slobber goes live!

Dog Slobber! is now available on Kindle!  The print copy will be a bit longer yet because I need to receive and approve the proof before it can go up for sale.

This book tells the story of a lass from the year 3007, who lives in a science stronghold in a world where the waters have risen and there is a lot of mud about, and a lot of uncivilised people too, or so they believe.  When her giant dog, Ferry, is stolen, the girl has to go out into the world to find him.  She meets some bad people, yes, but she also makes new friends and has some fun adventures.  Along the way, she learns to appreciate her annoying older brother, she finds out how brave she is, and she learns new ways to look at her world and other people.          

This is what my sis, Jenny, said about it when she and her two youngest girls, 9 and 11, read it together:

When part way through:

"They loved the two chapters we just read. Molly giggled at the jokes and they both wanted to keep going but I try to keep it to a chapter or two each night.  I think it reads really well for their ages.  Nice and chatty like the modern kids' books are, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid etc."

And when they finished it:

"We just read the last five chapters and it was really good.  I read my normal two then the girls read one each and I the last. Great story and characters as always.  Nice to have the girls able to read your writing without the language concern :) 

It was so nice to see how much the girls loved it."

Heh, I'm not going to change my language-use in my adult books any time soon, but I did enjoy writing one especially for a younger audience.

If you have read my books for adults and want another, I can tell you that Andyroo, my mum and my sister all read this and enjoyed it, despite being "grown ups", so have at it.  For 99 cents US it is a bargain.  :)

One of the 15 illustrations from inside the book: 


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