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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Music to Write to: Maggie Beth Sand and Serpentyne

I'm a bit busy this week with a visit from the other side of Australia from my lovely littlest sister, so I won't write much. This album speaks for itself anyway.

I love medieval fusion music (as well as the really-truly medieval style music.)  This album is a firm favorite and on all my shuffle lists.

This is the song that got me onto this album, a share on Facebook from sweet Gary Colcombe of Celtic Myth Podshow. It's a reworking of a song from the oldest extant music manuscript, Stella Splendens, and that is also the name of the album.

This is a traditional Christmas carol.

Kalenda Maya.  So cheerful and uplifting, and some lovely hurdy gurdy action at the start.  :)

My favorite of all is the bouncy tune Ave Mater Dou Way Robin, but I can't find that on youtube.  If you like the other songs, buy the album and then you can hear it.  :)          


  1. Loved that 1st one. Very beautiful. The images where pretty awesome too.

    1. Thanks Gav! I have a couple of versions of Stella Splendens but I do love this one best.


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