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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Amigurumi Odin and lively Labbies

Just in time for Midwinter's Day we finally had some genuine wet and wild weather. Yay!  Good news for me, because I've been having to water the seedlings we have already planted, including some out in the reserve that I had to push a wheelbarrow full of water bottles what felt like a long way to get to!

It is finally lush and green here, and it's my favorite time of year.  Mowing and whippersnipping hasn't started yet, planting has nearly finished, and all the greenery around us is lush and happy.  The air up here in the hills above Perth is fresh and crisp and lovely!

Ahh, the beautiful eye-restingness that is green grass!

This is the summer view of our cottage from not so long ago:

And here is nearly the same view now!:
Yummy yummy green!  Yes I do get a bit silly about grass.  It is so dry and dead here for so very long.

I've been having fun being silly this week in another way, making my Odin Amigurumi to match the Mini-Sleipnir that I made last week.  I did him from scratch and had a go at writing up a pattern for the basic figure as I went along, but once I got to costume I just went free form.  What do you think?  I love him!

Whether my first attempt at writing a pattern has worked will remain to be seen when I try to use it to make another figure, but in the meantime I am chuffed with my little Odin.  If you are wondering if making an amigurumi of your personal deity is a bit frivolous, I can only answer by saying that in my own unverified personal experience of him, Odin has a great sense of humour, especially about himself.  He has told me before that I make him feel young. I guess for a deity as old as him, that is a good thing.  In actual fact I generally experience him as somewhat younger than this, with dark blonde hair turning to grey and a shorter beard, but this is kind of his iconic look.  :)

Please check in with your own deity before making an amigurumi of them. Not all are as informal as Odin!

Despite my measuring them up as I went, I think he has turned out a tad big for My Little Sleipnir.  Do you agree?

What a shame!  (Not!)  I'll have to make a bigger Sleipnir now!  Not yet, though, because my next project is a mini Cthulu for geeky Andyroo.

Speaking of Geeks, if you ever played a Role Playing Game like Dungeons and Dragons or the many newer games it has spawned, or were interested in trying, or have a kiddlie who is, you might like to watch this. Wil Wheaton's new show where they follow a group playing a game he is mastering is shaping up really well.  We watched the 0 and 1 episodes on the weekend and it was fun for both RPG old hand Andryoo and for RPG tyro me.  I know, a fantasy writer who has never played a Role Playing Game?  What can I say?  I can imagine any world I want, play every character at once, and no need to roll the dice to see what happens next. :)

Nonetheless, the fun Wil is having here reminds me very much of the fun I have writing my books.  His players are having a great time with their characters too.


A home, the girls, Rosie and Tuppence, are also having fun, with the latest configuration of our paddock jungle gym.  Who says you have to give up cavalletti when you give up horses?  They enjoy our little games and puzzles and it keeps their minds and bodies alert.

I had a few days away from anything to do with writing and am now preparing Dog Slobber! for publishing.  That shouldn't take long, and then it is over to the interesting world and creatures of Bunyip Dreaming.  It is the first really alien world I have created.  It will be good to go back there. 

We are still enjoying the Volunteer Bushfire Brigade and starting to feel like part of the team.  On the weekend we got to go practice driving the vehicles in the rough country out back of our brigade's district.  Fun!

And with all that adventure, how did I get this?
My bloody lyre hit me in the eye, believe it or not!   All I can say is, music is a dangerous hobby!

May Odin and Sleipnir ride on, and may you all find times of peace and creativity, and times of adventure, just like I have been.  What an ideal combo for a happy life!  (But watch out for killer musical instruments!)



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