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Monday, 16 February 2015

My real Rainbow Kitty and Tabletop Day is coming!

What a sweet soul he is.  My twitchy, crooked-tailed, funny boy. 

Yes that's another rainbow minicorn back there.  I made another one.  Couldn't resist it.  I love laying out the rainbow of yarns ready to do the mane and tail. It's such a delight to the eye! Apparently Mr Cyrano de Purrgerac thinks they are nice to be around too.  Yes he does have a bed on our table.  He has to have a bed anywhere where we spend any time.  It makes it hard to play board games, but we work around it.

Speaking of Boardgames, it's Tabletop Day on April the 11th.  Many thanks to Wil Wheaton for getting board games back into our lives and the lives of squadrillions of other people around the world through his blog and the Youtube series Tabletop.  Since we live a pretty quiet home life due to our health, Andyroo and I play a lot of two player games, which not all games are good for.  Our current longer-play faves that work well for two people are Ankh Morpork, Star Trek Catan, Forbidden Island, Mister Jack and even good old Scrabble.  For shorter games we enjoy card games like Spit, Go fish and Rummy, plus Tsuro which is peaceful and beautiful, and Zombie Dice which is silly and fun.  My sister's family loves Castle Panic for a full family experience. I'm not well enough to go out and play games somewhere organised on the day, but we'll be playing board games that day, I assure you!

Whoops Edited to add one of our fave two player games, Love Letters.  It's not sooky like it sounds, and we've ha a lot of laughs with this game.                

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