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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Yardwork and Skiving Off.

I made this!

It's been a stormy winter and so far we have three giant bonfires, nearly all from fallen trees rather than the planned grooming of the property that we do every year.  I made this one all myself! It is densely packed with soft green branches and represents hours of hard labour.  Who needs a gym? Hopefully they will be dry enough to burn before fire permit season begins at the end of August.

Today I finished piling up the last of the fallen tree, with the help of Gogs and Drew.  It would have taken me quite a few more more hours, but we were done in 40 mins or so and off to a cafe for cake and a chat!  What would I do without the Firey guys?!  I got Drew to take the above pic before they added any branches, though, while it was still genuinely all my work!

On Sunday, just for a change of pace, I took off in Andrew's Jimny, Timmy, to have a drive out to the old farmsite of Malmalling, where we had a lot of bushfires this year, and where I get lost every time.  I think it is because it is where two small rivers meet, so you tend to think you are on one river and suddenly realise you are now on the other one and facing a different direction.   It is very tricky, especially at night when at a fire and trying to get back for water or food.  Your GPS trail looks like spaghetti after you've done a few hours out there!

Despite being a good half hour's drive down gravel tracks into state forest, it is a favourite haunt of trailbikers, but I managed to find some peaceful places.  This granite outcrop was a great place to have my sandwiches for lunch.

I love Granite outcrops.  So much natural power.

There's Timmy waiting for me at the bottom like a good little Jimny.

The tracks were much wetter than they are in summer (Derrr, Tina!) and in places Timmy and I were up to our ankles in water.  I had a bit of a girly squeal to myself as we slipped a bit while crossing here!

Timmy did a great job though, living up to his rep as a good 4 x 4, despite being a miniature version.

I also came across the old farmhouse site.  These two magnificent old oaks stood sentinel over the rubble of the home that once they graced.

Their energy was so peaceful. I loved them at once and spent some time communing with them and thinking about the people who had once lived here.

These Friesias (?)  had grown all alone and unaided into a beautiful setting of their own.

Down by the little river (I'd call it a creek but it does indeed own the grand name of Helena River)  things were magically damp and a tad spooky.  I kept expecting to see a gnome, or the Oz equivalent of such, peering at me,

Google did this, and not sure if I like it or not, but it does better capture the green of the grass across the river, and the bright shimmer of yellow winter afternoon sun on the water.

Ahhhh, nature, how I love you!   Malmalling, I'll be back to visit again.  Maybe during the week, though, when I will have you to myself! 


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