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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Chickeny Love

The problem with getting behind on your blog is do you catch up or just start where you are?  The thought of catching up is enough to stop me posting, so starting where I am is the go!

The baby chickens are nearly all grown up now.  Two of the three roosters went to new homes last weekend.   They were good boys on the trip.  I am fond of them but you can't have three roosters in one flock, for reasons of economy even if they do get on, so they had to go.  Hopefully they will have a good life with their own wives in their new places.

Pellinore is the one who stayed. He was the biggest chick and had a little white on his face. He's growing up to be a very nice type of Wyandotte as far as I can tell.  And he's pretty sure he's all that!

He's no gentle, slightly-confused King Pellinore though, so his name has changed to Elvis.  He's flashy and showy and the way he looks past that comb that looks like a coifed hairdo, well, it was probably inevitable he end up an Elvis!

Here he is sunbaking on his feet, looking very flashdance.

I love how they spread a wing to catch the sun.  Here is one of the girls doing it.  I have no idea what to call the two girls now!  Can I have an Elvis, a Guinevere and a Morgana?  :D

In other news, I've been writing some fans from my Facebook author page into a Freya Fjordrider Sword & Sorcery story, and now I'm reading it live on Facebook video as I go.  It's actually a lot of fun and people seem to really love it.  The fast-paced, language-fun Freya stories are probably ideal for this sort of storytelling lark.     

 Walking continues.  Here we are about to try a new trail in the bush.

Life with Mr Kitty continues.

And for Andrew, life with bonkers me continues, bless him!  :D 

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