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Friday, 9 February 2018

New Verandah!

I know, I've having a blogging break and i never warned you that I would.  Sorry about that!  It just seems like I've been so busy and every time I sit down at the computer I want to edit my latest book instead of blogging.  I guess that's a good thing!

One reason we've been so busy is the new verandah.

How it was:

 With the canopy off and a weatherboard removed ready for rafters.

 Framing up.

Getting there!
Corro going on!


It was all enlivened by having the baby chickens underfoot.  They are getting bigger all the time and are very friendly.  Here is little Morgana trying out the big girls' sleeping perch.

 They aren't trying to sleep up there yet.  They still put themselves to bed in the nest down below, the little cuties, despite the fact that mama Spotty is back with the other hens and being just as mean to them as the other girls.  I thought having them grow up a part of the flock would make the join easier but apparently not.  Red chooks just gotta hate!

And here is the Virginia Creeper growing out of the old chimney for the braemar that used to be down below.  It goes down under the eave rather than into the cottage so we've never bothered to cover or remove it.

And here is one of the grand old Marris up at the block.  What a canopy!

Who needs cathedrals?   



  1. That canopy is majestic! And I love Morgana's feathers! It looks like she's wearing a black and white crochet shawl. :)

    The new verandah looks adorable. It's so good to see you so busy!
    We've been busy around here too. Helio took three weeks of vacation from work, so every day was a new adventure. He comes back to work next thursday and I'll go back to writing and studying all the things that I love. I'm super ready to go back to all those things. :)

    Oh! I'm writing again on the blog that I have in my website. It feels good to write there again.

    Sister, what are the plants that you have next to the door in the photo? I'm curious!

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Much love!

    1. Dear Didi, Tina here! The plant in the first picture is a jasmine (it is an old photo) and the newer photos show rosemary in the big pots, and a lemon-grass. I'm very glad you had a lovely holiday with Helio! Difference is good!


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