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Thursday, 22 February 2018

It's Awkward Family Photo Time!

Yay!  Been a photo-y few weeks really.   Been a few years since we got pics of the family, so it was definitely time!

Jem's growing family minus their oldest, Teelah, who had other commitments. 
They've grown up a little bit since 2013!

The best one?

Nice catch Andrew!  :D  

Uncle Greggy kicking back. 

Niamh, Jen and Molly
Pippa, Jen and Kelly

Mum and Angus

Niamh and Pippa

Tina, Rosie and Tuppence.  

It was worth the awkwardness!  Many thanks to Andyroo for getting out the good camera and taking the pics for us!  


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