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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

New Projects and Taking the Time

I spent an hour up the block this morning.  It is very summery now.

I pottered about connecting in a Druidy way, and checked on each individual tree that I've planted over the years.  This Marri is flowering.  It's one of my babies and much taller than me now.   Always knew I'd be shorter than my kids.  :D

I sat up the top, under the trees for quite a while.   It was shady, the view was pleasant, and a gentle, cool breeze was blowing.   The dogs were patient.

Unlike Jen's two youngest, who were being pains in the butt when we went to the pub on Friday evening.   When I tried to get a pic of how it feels to be a mum trying to have some down-time with your friends while being hassled by your teens, they decided to decamp!

Such a funny pic.  :D

As for new projects, the next lyre is in the works.  Two, actually because Andrew is showing me and letting me practice using the tools on one, then I do the other one all by myself.  The practice one is quite a bit thicker just because that is the wood we had.  It will be interesting how the tone comes out with a deeper soundbox.  Might be better, might not.  This is the drawing and plans for mine.     

The verandah on the cottage is begun too but we need to wait now while the timber and roof-iron we ordered arrives.

Weeee!  Exciting!  Saw some great ideas for fun outdoor fittings at a friend's house last night.   I have so many ideas for this currently blank space.

Unfortunately I can't use them all, so what we eventually do will remain to be seen.   We'll get the verandah in first, then see.  i do already have baby Paulownia trees ready to go in when we are ready, very kindly supplied by our friends who have a forest of them.  Fast-growing, shady and deciduous is what we need there.

The little chickies have been free-ranging with mama Spotty for a week and a bit, and are having a ball.  They are six weeks old today.

The mealworms and other treats are working, because every time they see me they come running and it is quite funny walking along with tiny dinosaur-chickies darting back and forth under foot.  They are currently at a stage only a mother or a mad chicken-lady can love.

But I do love them!  (And what does that say about me?  :D)  I think they will be the King Arthur generation.  No Arthurs, because only one rooster will get to stay and I don't want to play favorites this early.  So far they are Sir Grummore, Sir Ector and King Pellinore.  (Three of my fave knights from the tale.)

The girls are Guinevere and Morgana.   They get to stay no matter what!   Yay!  I will keep the kindest and most chivalrous rooster of the three and hopefully the other two will find good homes as well, since they are from very nice show chickens.  I can dream!

In the meantime, I will take the time to commune with trees and watch chickies, and I will take the time to do the work of the hands that is so good for the soul.  It is good for nobody to be a bisy backson, and at times I have been doing that lately.

Got to sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life!  I didn't get better just to make myself sick again, but it is hard, so hard, not to try to cram as much as possible into every day, because I know how easily those chances can be taken away.  What you need to do to have a fulfilled life, though, is not always the busy stuff.           



  1. As always, what a delightful post! I can't wait to see the Paulownia tree flowering in your magic land! :)

    1. Bá, they are also known as lavender dragon trees. So lovely when flowering!


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