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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Arachnophobes beware!

It's ok, you won't see spiders unless you play the video.  This happened the other day when I was riding along on the ride on mower minding my own business. At first it was just the babies, then the mama got upset too and that was about when I fled!  :D

If you really want a good look, go to youtube and embiggen!

I swept her and as many babies as I could off onto a spider-web brush and laid it aside for them to vacate in their own time. 

In less exciting news, my table is coming along, and Andrew even got a photo of me working on it for me!  Since I take most of the pics for the blog, at times you must think I just watch Andrew do all the interesting stuff...

It's looking good. "Just" got to put legs on now.  Getting all the aged timber planed and sanded up has been a lot of work.  I can see why people buy ready-dressed timber!  (Note to self: Stop testing to see if timber is still splintery by giving self splinters.)

The chickies are growing well,  Here they are excitedly waiting for their 'chicken crack' ie, meal-worms.  I've been using yummy things like mince, meal-worms and chopped boiled egg to help me tame them.  One was so excited to see me coming over the top last time that it did a big jump and flutter up towards me.

Pretty sure I have two hens and three roosters.  Luck of the game!

Just for a change of crafting pursuits, I've been making a pair of moccasins. 

One done!  (One to go!)

A bit rough I know but the one I've done seems to work pretty well.  It's all experimental at this point.  Might re-lace the toe area with thonging.  The thread is strong but not attractive.  Will also use thonging to lace up the ankle unstead of garden string!  That high ankle-bit is a great extra to the average mocc pattern.  I get very tired of rocks getting into my lower-height shoes.   

Ah well, off to dinner soon with some girlfriends I rarely get to catch up with!  Yay!  Have a fun weekend!   

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