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Friday, 29 December 2017

Whatcha Been Doin'?

I don't know about how the other folks live, but around here it's been socialising and chores all the way.

Yesterday we moved our shed...

With the help of some of our Firey mates, it was lifted, moved back and reslabbed before I even had a chance to put my shoes on!  Thanks guys!

Amazing how much extra space you get for such a small move.  Now to decide what to put where in front of it.  The dogs and I fancy a bit of cool grass to sit and roll on.   Haven't had grass in all of the nearly ten years since we've been back here.  I want to put in a deciduous tree of some kind too,  and have my vegies back in a 'zone one' area (for all you permaculture nuts out there).

It was my 52nd birthday just before christmas.  It coincided nicely with our beach meet up with the druids, and I can't think of any nicer way to end my special day than at the beach with lovely people and ukuleles.  :D  The sky was amazing, and yes we had a swim, though it was pretty late and a bit cold before we threw ourselves in.  When I travel that far to see the sea, I'm going to get in if it is at all possible!  I took this just after we got out.   Moon too.  Lovely!

On the morning of my birthday I went with my sis, Jen ,to see this pretty boy, and to bring him home too.  She still has Fionn, but he has some way to go yet to be fully healed from the accident she and he had a few months back.   She needed to ride to get her fitness and confidence back before she got back onto Fionn, and this cutie was irresistible!  I can't tell you what he is called yet, because she hasn't decided on a call name.   He's a Connemara Thoroughbred cross and likes to jump, just like Jen does!

She hasn't loved all my suggestions for names.  What's wrong with calling him Heimdall or Gimli?

My little chickies are doing great.  Growing well and beginning to run back and forth trying out their tiny wings and sorting out a pecking order.   I'd love to give them more space and to see mama take them out and about looking for worms, but they are safe in there.  Two ravens have been hanging around.  I was worried they were after the chicks and they would be if they could reach them, but actually they have been picking up all the high protein chick crumble that gets kicked out.  Never seen a raven and hen this close before...

Sorry Odin, Huginn and Muninn will have to be satisfied with the crumble!

At least two chickies are roosters, I think, including this guy with the mottled face.

Crap photo I know but you can see his patchy face.  He is by far the patchiest. See him here with another chick that I think is a hen, showing the difference in height and shape?

In other news, I managed to finish the latest afghan in time to hand it over to my Bro-in-law at the Christmas party.

It's snuggly.

And I like the pattern.   I went for all single rows of each colour.  It's different but I like the mellowness of it.  That's me behind there, at full stretch! 

Not sure what to crochet next.  Another afghan for sure, since I like to do them while I chat to people or watch DVDs in the evening, and I think I know who to make it for, but what colours and pattern?  Hmmmm...           

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