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Friday, 1 September 2017

Best Wishes Please

Jen and her big boy Fionn lost a battle with a wire fence today.  Fionn is bandaged up and Jen is in hospital with injuries as well.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they recover.   I'll show you a pic of Fionn's bandaged leg but I won't show you the gory photos of the process of stitching him up that I took for Jen so she'd know how it all looked under there when it was done!  

Heavily sedated Fionn, snoozing away as he is stitched up.

 Poor Fionn!  Poor Jen!

(Edited here to add that Jen is home from hospital today and just has to be very careful of her back for four weeks or so.  She broke four of the bony bits that stick out the side of her backbone! The human body is a very resilient thing, and am so very glad my darling sis is ok!) 

I'm not feeling very bloggy after the day we've all had, so I'll just show you the pics I've taken for you this week.

Adorable local alpacas. 

Heavily flowered Lucerne tree at sunset.
Sunset in the east

Evening in the west.

Large insistent kitty disrupting Thursday afternoon lyre practice.

Have a good weekend, keep my sis and Fionn in your thoughts, and keep safe.  xxx

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