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Friday, 11 August 2017

"Cherokee Girl" on guitar, plus dog and kitty.

There's been more cold and grey weather for us the last few days, with storms forecast for this weekend too.  We've caught outside time when we could, even if it's been so grey at times that the gold of the flowering wattles seems to shine out of the darkness.

This little Wavy-leafed Hakea has gone bonkers!  It think it is about four years old.  One of our babies. 

Angus doesn't care if it's grey at walk time. He had the zoomies this morning while the girls were busy mousing. 

Funny boy!

This grey old man roo wasn't impressed when we walked by the other day.  He and his wife watched us very carefully.

It's easy to see why the roos around here are gray instead of red.  They camouflage into the forest so well.   Can you see him now?

It's been the sort of weather where staying in and crocheting or playing music makes good sense.

I recorded this song the other day.  Cherokee girl by Charles de Lint.  It's one of my faves to play because I love his writing and music, I love the writing of Terri Windling that inspired the book he wrote this song about, The Woodwife, and because I love the song for itself.  It's got a very cool message.

Kitty feels that the dark, cold mornings require warming himself under the table light beside the pot belly fire and being disapproving.

"I disapprove of you saying I disapprove of things!"

The paintings on the tanks up at Chidlow yesterday where we walked were a nice touch.

They're so gorgeous and bright and I especially appreciate the local birds they've painted.  I do love community art!

This weekend I get some Shaman healing from my friend Frances, and we go to a funeral for Jerry the pony.   Now I have to go and find the right thing to say about our dear little Pegasus pony, whether my own writing or a quote.

Have a lovely weekend!   On Monday I will draw the name of the lucky winner who will receive a free print book from me, to be sent anywhere in the world.  Please go to my site then comment somewhere on my social media to be in the chance to win a book.  Last chance to be in the draw!

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