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Friday, 14 July 2017

Best Crocheted Hat Ever!

This hat is so funny!

You can go droopy...

Or you can go perky...

I love it so much!  Great pattern, Maybe Matilda!   Now I just have to tear it away from myself and give it to the recipient.  It's not going to be easy!   It amuseth me muchly!

In other news, much naturey stuff is happening, as usual.

This was my view on Wednesday down across our block through the Flying Jarrah.  A rainy day but it fined up for our walk.  I had a little sit on a rock to watch the world while the dogs rattled about sniffing stuff, as dogs do.

This is the first ever bunch of honky nuts growing on one of my little Marri trees!

Yay!  Marris don't get Dieback, so this baby is safe from that at least.

Last weekend we got to watch a whole family of Quendas (Bandicoots) rummaging for food right outside our cottage.  This is mama. The babies were too small and quick to get a good pic of from inside.

Hi there, cute, hopping Quenda-lady!

Um, yeah, bye giant humans in the window!

It's lucky such small moments of delight are going on around here.  I've used them for years to keep me going and sometimes have to even now.

I am still having bouts of vomiting, including again last night, leaving me very noodle-like today and useless for all the things I had planned to do. Off to see a Gastroenterologist soon.  Nausea should not be a regular event in one's life.   It's the pits!

The beasts think all this noodle-dom is boring.

Feel better soon, mama!  We has places to be and things to do too you know!   

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