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Monday, 5 June 2017

Winter, but...

It is winter, but is is still so warm.  Still dry enough to do burns, on a good day.  These pics were taken by Dave from the brigade.   

Jen and Rob

Ken and Andrew

The guardian of the 1.4

In the end, the burn was all prepared for and then too damp to light, so we are going back to do it tomorrow.

Oh well, it was nice out there in the forest.

Jen took this one

With a cheerful crew.

I did pike out a bit and spend much of my time in the 1.4, guarding it and doing the radio comms.  There were a lot of us and I was worried about leaving the appliances unsupervised with all the weekend warriors hooning around in the bush out there.  Must admit, at times in recent weeks, I have felt very tired and ill all of a sudden, then good then tired again.  Not sure what is up there.  My iron is getting low again, dammit, after my lovely iron infusion last December, but it also could be the Helminths getting settled.  Hope it buggers off soon.  It feels awful. Glad it come and goes!   

On Saturday Arvo, we had a birthday do for Uncle Greggy.  He got given his new beanie and wore it at once.  Warm it may be for us, but it is cold compared to down on 'the flats'.

My darling sis and gorgeous oldest niece.

We had fun playing 'exploding kitten' with some Firey mates on Saturday night.  It's a card game.  Don't worry, no kittens were hurt!  It's a fun game but not in any way child safe, though I believe we were playing the adult version and there is a kid one too.

Yesterday I was pretty quiet (even had three naps!) and today has been a Monday holiday.  Jen and I walked our dogs together early then had a cuppa back at her place.  Her two dogs are now firm friends.

Little Pippa, on the right there, is so snuggly.  She always likes to be touching someone, even if it is Kelly.

This evening I got in some lyre time down in the paddock.

The chookies came down too.

While Mr Fitty Kitty continued his afternoon love affair with the bed.

Wise Mr kitty.         

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