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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Trees and Parties

We had a really nice weekend.   The wing ding for the two brigades ended up so friendly and fun.  I like this angle because it shows how neat and clean we had the engine bay.  Yay us! 

I think some people are missing though.  I think it was more crowded than this earlier.  Heh, I had little easter eggs to hand out while asking a question as a way of getting to know each other better. I suggested people ask what else the other person does as well as Fireys, then the questionee would become the questioner and go and find a new person to talk to.  The first bit worked so well that big conversations would start up and the eggs didn't get passed on, so I would come by and get them again and start it off all over again elsewhere.  I learned a lot about a lot of people.  :D

Andrew and Jeff were the 'braces boys".

That's me there finding out what Barry thinks about how Brigades are currently funded.  (Not printable!  :) )

Yesterday we had a cuppa with some lovely Druids again and have planned two festival events.  This means that the Silvereyes Seedgroup, an OBOD group we started some years ago and put into hiatus due to lack of energy, is back up and running!  Yay!

Humans need festivals and we need to keep in tune with the seasons too.  To this end, we are going to have a gentle meeting to venerate ancestors at Samhain  (Southern Hemisphere Samhain is happening soon) and a bonfire and drumming to celebrate a Rowdy Yule in July!  Double yay! 

Our walk today was to a bush reserve that is new to us.  There were some really lovely old giant trees out there.

This Jarrah King is a beauty.  

And there were some lovely twisty old Marris in a different spot, a quite large grove of them, all perhaps tapping into good water under the ground.

The dogs had fun, of course.

It's always nice to walk somewhere new. As my Mickel Therapist, Angela Wilson, would say, Difference Is Good!  It makes your brain happy, and that makes your body happy.

I hope you get to do some new things this week!

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