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Monday, 13 March 2017

Firey's Picnic

Saturday was a very Firey sort of day.  First we spent the morning recruiting and chatting to people at the local poling place for our state election (as well as voting of course!)  I got a bit sunburned as we stayed much longer than we had planned to, but I was glad I went as it was a really nice crowd of fellow brigade members who had gathered and we gas-bagged to each other as much as to other people.      

Then the evening was the combined fire Brigades' picnic.  It was fun, though we lost the tug-o-war again.  I think the team that has won four years in a row must use glue on their feet because the grass is so slippery and everyone else finds it hard to get enough grip.  That and the tiny, small, infinitesimal fact that we didn't train once!  :D

Sister Jen and bro-in-law Craig were in our team. Andrew only got to supervise.

But he did get into the All-stars Team, which was put together to make up the tenth team to fill out the rounds.  It was more of an, "Ok I'll do it," than an "Allstar," team, really, but they had fun. 

I think the most fun of the tug-o-war is watching the kids enjoy doing it after the competition. .

The sunsetting sky was amazing, and we could see so much of it because we were out on a big footy oval.

From this:

To this:

It was a really good night.  We had a good laugh and chat with people and ate lovely food, and even won two raffles prizes from free tickets the Shire hands out!  Many thanks to our local Shire, Mundaring, who look after their firefighters so well!

Murray obviously enjoyed it too!

Sunday Jen and I went to pick up mum from hospital, minus gall bladder and already looking and sounding much happier.  That was good news!

In the afternoon, Andrew and I went up to the station to repair the fire trailer, or I should say, Andrew repaired it, and I idled nearby, ready for when he needed me to look at the tail lights for him.  The rest of the time, I played Mondream.  The acoustics in the station is quite good, though the highway was a bit loud at times.

How is this for a strange juxtaposition of subjects for a photo?

There were Equipment Officer things I could have been doing, but to be honest, I just felt like sitting.  It's been a hectic few weeks with mum sick, so it felt good to just play and sing while Andrew tinkered.  After all, he needed musical accompaniment for his work, didn't he?   

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