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Monday, 30 January 2017

It's Raining!


We still went dog walking.  Who wouldn't love a walk in the rain when it hasn't rained here for over 2 months?

The dogs, being Labradors, designed for much colder climes than ours, really enjoyed it, rain or no rain.  Little Miss Tuppence needed a ruggie afterwards until she dried off, though.  She is a bit of a thin-coated dog.  She doesn't have a proper Lab double coat like her mama.  Her widdle ear tips were cold, which is my sign that she needs warming up, and we have no potbelly fire to dry off by at this time of year, so on with Buffy's old coat.  It still gives me a heart pang to see it, but Buffy loved it and it is so very snuggly. 

This is often Tuppy's spot when I am here at the computer, on the dog bed under the table. Where Tam once leaned her whole body against me, now, instead, there is Tuppy's head on my foot, especially if I've just got home from somewhere.  She is not a touchy-feely dog, unlike Tam, but she loves to do this, as long as I don't pay too much attention to what she is doing and embarrass her.  She's there again right now as I type, minus ruggie now.

Writing news is that I have the proof copy on the way for the print version of Land of Giants, and the Kindle version will go live any day.  Weeee!

Now I don't quite know what to do with myself, since I haven't started writing again yet, and I feel really well with all the iron in my system!  I plan on a week or two of serious spring cleaning, plus some decluttering.

After that I will be rereading,"Chicken Soup for Satan," and starting to plan the sequel.  "Satan Smith: Demon Hunter," will be the title, I think.   It will be fun to get back into the world of the handsome but shy Satan and his gorgeous White Shepherd, Ghost.

Check out our Illawarra Flame Tree still blossoming away like mad.  It looks even better during the current grey, rainy days.

Look at the carpet of blossoms on the ground!  I can't stand to rake them up.

Tuppy says, "Meh, they don't taste nice. What good are they?"

To delight the eye, Tuppy my love!  To delight the eye is quite enough!   





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