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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Night Burns and a Double Birthday

Not at the same time, thank goodness!

Firstly, it is Little Miss Tuppence's birthday.  Or it was. I've missed it again.  I keep thinking it is a month earlier, then forgetting the actual date when it comes round!  Oh well, she gets spoiled every day so it makes no nevermind.  She is five now!  Just as sleek and nutty as ever (as I say to her; shiny coat and shiny mind).

She can be a bit of a pain, being such a stress bunny, but she has some charming little ways too, like all her snorts and snoofs, and her kitty-cat smooching style.  Right now she is under the desk with her head on my foot, just as she likes it, and I assure you there is a double bed not more than three metres away that she could be sleeping on wit her mama instead.

Anyway, happy birthday, little Biddy, you are five now!  Where did the time go?

You are a tad bigger than you were when we took this charming photo of you as a pretty six week old baby!

And if course it was also Angus's birthday too!  He was called Rocket in those early days, because he came out right behind the pup ahead of him and the name would have suited him permanently, I think.  From a bleary-eyed and adorable pup at a few weeks old...

To the charismatic stunner he is today...
Gorgeous photo by Marilyn Dawson
Happy birthday rocket boy!

This is how blue the sky was when we went up the block a bit later than usual on Sunday.  That is the Grove of Giants back there, standing tall against the azure sky and enjoying the warmth.  You can see how fast the block is drying out.  Hope that means my whipper-snipping and mowing days are nearing a close for this year!

Friday afternoon and evening I did this:

It's interesting that the top photo was taken by me, very shortly before Gogs took the second one, and we were looking back at each other.   That is my Light Tanker there in the distance on the second shot.   Hee hee, yes I do get a bit possessive of 'my' appliances, but then you want an equipment officer to have a bit of passion for the job!

I managed seven hours and saw the start and end of the burn, so am very chuffed with that.

In fact I was this chuffed:



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