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Thursday, 22 September 2016


Bleagh, I have the flu properly this time, not a mingey cold like last time. No writing done since Monday, only just managed a tiny bit of lyre without singing last night, and even that wore me out and made my achey hands hurt worse, and pretty much am busy coughing my innards out and lying around feeling utterly craptastic, along with half the people I know, it seems like!

Blogging service will hopefully resume on Monday, and the meantime, this meme pretty much covers how I am feeling.  

My fairy niece won an award this week for best singing voice at a theatre thing her school went to, where a few plays went on one after another, so yay Niamh!  Great work!  Julie Andrews here you come!  Poor Niamhy has the same lurgie I have so am sending her lots of best wishes to get better soon.  

Ps. this is possibly the cutest photo i have EVER seen:

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