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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Stormy Days and Being Movie Stars.

We had a beautiful stormy day the other day. The wind was really pushing the clouds fast. Our evening walk found us admiring this amazing cloud effect. The sun was setting and picking out the top layers in reds, pinks and golds, while the lower layer was rolling by super fast and black.

A video seemed to best way to capture the way the clouds were moving with the wind.  It made the wild birds get very excited, especially the Pink and Grey Galahs, who don't need much to set them off and who you can hear in the video.

Last Saturday, we had a camera guy come to the station to film us as part of the award that  our 1st Lt Angus is shot-listed for.  It was a bit different.  Of course he wanted us to keep doing things over and over while he shot each scene from different angles, and we had to be fully geared up so that no-one would complain about our safety standards.  :)

My sister Jenny is smiling and rolling up the hose here and my bro in law has his back to us and is also the supporting person to the hose guy in the pic above.

Mirline and I got to do the Light Tanker stuff together but no-one got a photo of that except Nick the camera guy.  When the video comes out, we'll get a copy so hopefully I can post or link it here.

After this bit, they went out in the trucks down our famous power-line trail, and he even used a drone, so those scenes will be cool!

I love this pic I got of hubby and wife, Elton and Michelle, watching someone else being filmed.

And here's Andy and Phil up in the monitor bay. Phil is our newest member.  He has a Liverpool accent just like my aunties on my da's side.  It's an accent that I love.

When they headed out on the trail, there were too many people to go out in the vehicles, so Andrew and I stood back, rather thankfully, and let them go without us.  A movie star, even of a limited release thing, I have no desire to be!

The award breakfast will be next month. Fingers crossed for Angus!

Drumming was fun this week.  Not many people showed, so it was just me and the two circle leaders, so i got to have a go at some more complicated stuff.  If you are on Facebook, you can see the videos we did here:

And here:

Drumming is fun!  


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