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Sunday, 21 August 2016

An Interesting Weekend

We started with the local Folk and Blues Club on Friday night. I think my personal favorites were Dingo's Breakfast.  A great mix of singalongs and originals, and lovely harmonies. There was a lassie from down Fremantle way who stood in for a band who nearly all had the flu. I missed her name but she had some really good original songs and could play a mean guitar.  Funny too.  It's good to see such a depth of talent in our little city.

There was a lady with them this time. I think they change their members round a bit. 
Suzy got a lovely photo of sister Jen, and I.  Amazing how light it seems, as it was quite dark in the venue!

Awwww, I love my Jen!

Saturday morning was schedules at the Sawyers Valley VBFB station, but also minding my nieces because sis and bro-in-law were at a radio course for Fireys.  After we got home from their basketball and my Fireys duties, we watched one of my all time fave B-Grade movies; Beastmaster!

Yay!  I love all the animals in it, and it has nothing to do with all the underdressing.  Really.  :D
"I must remember to crouch down to show off leg muscles at all opportunities."

After that we played a hot game of Forbidden Island and got off the Island with only two tiles of land left to sink. Phew!

Then we got out my Anglo-Saxon lyre and the kids got me to play a couple of songs, then had a go themselves. It was really fun to have them singing along to Son of the Trees with me and really good to see them pick up playing my lyre so fast.

After that we had to get on the computer to listen to the original Son of the Trees song and sing along with that, and some of the other great stuff that Pilgrim does too.  This one, Feast, had us jumping around, it is so catchy.

I like showing the kids how, once you can play an instrument, you get to join in and have fun with other people making music.  They both play the violin, and it can be hard to be practicing all the time, but it is good to have goals to work towards with your music, and one of them should be fun with other people like these guys get to have!

The dogs and kitty all got some extra loving too.

Sunday morning I went along to keep Jen company as she took her big Irish Draft Sporthorse baby, Fionn, to riding club to have a look around. He was a very good boy.

He was desperate to meet this lovely chunker of an Appy.

Then he got to have a practice at standing tied at the float with his hay, with his little friend Jerry nearby and us keeping an eye on him.  We needn't have worried. He was so good!  He loves his food!

Yesterday arvo, I started to get a sore throat and it is still here today. Oh oh!  That is how the current local flu starts!  More silver!  After being sick for so many years, I resent a single day laid low now.  Bugger off germs!



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