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Monday, 8 August 2016

A Very Doggy Walk at the Lake

 Last week, mum took me to show me a dogwalk at a new place for me. 

This lake in Gidgegannup doesn't seem to have a name but it's a lovely little walk for the dogs, because it has the back fences pf properties all the way round it so they can run like loonies (as Tuppy is inclined to do) and still be safe.

The dogs had a ball! 

Grandma Tess and Tuppy were the keenest swimmers.

Angus was more interested in inciting chasey games

While Rosie just paddled and grinned at me

Black Labs coming and going!

Tuppence buzzing by her old Grandma Tess.

Rosie thinks they're both crazy.  It was cold!

This pic about sums up the various speeds at which these dogs currently live their lives!

But at 12, Tess can still get a jump on when it suits her.

Chasey game in 3...2...1...
  I got a little bit of video of them all having their own versions of fun at once...

Last weekend had some fun stuff in it too, but I'll save that for Friday.

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