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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Tugs and Ponies

So we had the Fireys BBQ on the weekend.   It was fun!  Reminded me of events I went to as a kid.  The kids there were safe and had heaps of space to run and play, and didn't they have a good time!

Mum came along, and my sis, Jen, and her family too.

Our Tug-O-War team had trained a bit,  and were pretty confident we'd make a good showing.
But, sadly they came up against the winners in the very first round and out we went!  Looking at the other teams, I think we'd have done quite well if the draw had been more favorable. Ah well, it was only for fun, though pretty sure the winning team takes it very seriously indeed. They've been the winners for, I think, four years in a row!

That's my Bro-in-Law Craig as anchor, and Andrew in front of him, giving it their all.

Nikki sent me this photo she got of me at a recent fire.  Elegant as a ballerina on the fireground, I am!  (Not!)  Ah well, the main thing is to get the job done, and I can do that.

This is me fitting the monitor to the 1.4.

And using it.

This fire had cars on fire and the smoke was nasty in places, but usually you come home smelling quite pleasantly of woodsmoke.  We'd been joking about the 'perfume' you and your clothes get covered with for a while, so in the end I made this bit of fun from the lovely photo taken by Elton at a recent fire.  :)

This morning I saw photos of my ex-boy, Archie, going for his first trail ride.  He is four and a half now.  Louise is such a great trainer.  I knew she was the right home for this very intelligent, brave, naughty, young Gypsy Cob cross.  One day I hope to see him in a show as one of her liberty horses! 

Archie when he first arrived here as an 18mth old, furry, itchy, mischievous little monkey. He was so bored here. He needed a lot more horsey friends to play with and a lot more going on around him to keep his mind occupied and him out of trouble!

It makes me happy knowing he is in the perfect home for him now!


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