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Thursday, 10 March 2016


It's been years since I got to be part of a team.

I'd forgotten just how wonderful it is to be part of a group of people all working towards the same goal with good spirit.

It's especially good since my very cool sister, Jen, has joined the team!

We're being silly in this pic, but as my niece Tee pointed out, hero pose is good for the brain.  :)
My work as the Brigade's Equipment Officer seems to be mostly going ok.  This meme pretty much sums up my experience so far...

But the dogs don't love it when I spend too much time up at the station messing about.

Explaining to them that at least they got to come along this time doesn't seem to cut much mustard!

We've been kept busy this week with trying to find a new car to replace our dear old Commodore who is finally coming to a point where we can no longer keep him running. We've found one now, I hope, and I also hope that the new one has as good a spirit as our old car. It's a pretty colour anyway.  :) I get very fond of my cars and hate to give them up, so it will take me a while to switch affections to this one, which has already been christened Doopy due to the letters on its number-plate. 
All the back and forth has cut into my cover-art and book-editing time this week, but things are still moving along, if a tad slower than usual. 

Here's a sneak preview of the cover for Heroic Plans.  It's further along than this already, and hopefully I'll get to spend some more time on it today.
I have no real idea why I painted the back coat this lurid turquoise, except that it looks rather nice next to the orange of the first book!  Think it will be all, or mostly, gone by the time it's finished, but who can tell?  Not me!  :)

I'm still trying to get in some time working on the afghan each day as well.  Cyrano gives it his kitty vote of approval for snuggliness!
  I hope the weekend brings you plenty of snuggles, and a chance to work with others in a fun, teamy way!  For us, it will involve our usual Saturday Schedules at the Station, a combined Brigades tug-o-war and BBQ get-together, and hopefully no bloody fires! 


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