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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Songs that Make Me Happy, part three.

It's been a while since I did a music post, so I thought it was time!

Starting in my music list from where I left off, is the band Emerald Rose.  Do I have, "Fire in the Head"?  Oh yeah!

The audio in this unplugged version is a bit flat but I love the little girl dancing around in front of them, and I always like being able to see the chords the guitarist is playing.  :)

Emerald Rose are the go-to band for geeky fantasy people but they do a pretty good pure folk song too.

I know Enya is considered a bit twee these days, but I still listen to her a lot.  Her music makes me feel happy and peaceful. This is "Epona," a Goddess who I still love despite not currently owning any horses.

Everything But The Girl are a duo that I listen to a lot, especially while writing.  This is "We Walk the Same Line," Rosie's and my theme song.  It's sweet and uplifting, just like my Rosie and I are together!  Do you have theme songs with your beasties?  I do.  :)

To kick it up a notch, here's Faun with "Walpurgisnicht".   A real toe tapper!  I looked up the lyrics when I first found it, but I don't remember what they are singing when I listen from day to day, so I like to make up my own mondegreens to it, such as, "Hey ho, melty man, melty man!"

A well known tune next but one that I love for its sense of looking forward and its sweet swing, not to mention Stevie's lovely voice, and this video is gorgeous too. "Gypsy" by Fleetwood Mac.

A good one to end this post with, since the next one on my list would be, "March of the Cambreadth," by Heather Alexander, and that would get you all stirred up again.  Next time!          

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