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Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Hot Week!

Oh man was it hot.  It's going to be a little cooler now, for a few days, and then the ovens get turned back up again, dammit!

I've been trying to post less Fire Brigade stuff, really I have, but this blog is about my life, and this week it has been almost all about fighting fires, so you'll just have to bear with me.  We did get some very cool photos though!

Elton, 1st Lieutenant Angus and Andrew

Angus negotiating the smoke in the 1.4

Andrew and Paul T knocking down a jump-over

Sun through smoke


After the fire has passed

It's all action!

Me having all sorts of fun driving the 1.4 over hill and dale.
It's been an exhausting week, with me doing two shifts at fires so far and Andrew doing three in three days, the last one of which he ended up with the Ambos (Aussie for ambulance people) for heat exhaustion.  He only told me about this when he got home, in his usual low key way, by saying, "The Ambo people were nice."  Yikes!  Still, by then I could see he was alright so it was probably a good plan.  :)

He is still tired today but doing ok.  Had a bit of wipe-out on Tuesday myself after a few hours on the fireground in 42c heat, but did find that getting some of the heavy gear off and wetting myself down helped me perk back up pretty quickly and was chuffed to feel recovered by the next day, if a little sore still.   

It's been hard, but it's also been a week of achievement and adventure.  As the saying goes, "We really know we're living now!"  After more than ten years of half-life, this week has made me want to dance and cheer quite a few times with the sheer joy of being back in the thick of things.

There was still time for the odd lyre playing session in the gazebo.

While the dogs resignedly waited for their evening walk. Rosie patiently...

Tuppy impatiently...

I also went with my beautiful niece, Teelah, to drum circle, and while playing a round of that classic combo of drums, chimes and toy pigs, we got the giggles so badly that I was crying.  It was so funny, we just couldn't help it!   I was still chuckling every time i thought of it, hours later. 

There is a bit of video of the event on Facebook if you are a member.  It's not the giggle fit bit, thank goddess, but afterward when I had determinedly put my toy pig down and refrained from giving myself the giggles any more, though Glenn (owner of aforementioned pigs) said he was trying to set us off again. It's still funny, and stick it out to the end for a extra silly bit!  

With all this happening, I've not really got any work done on my books this week, apart from beginning my first read/edit of the Heroic Plans first draft.  So far, it's fun!

This morning we took time out to have a lovely bit of cake and chat with our Bro-in-Law in the lovely gardens of Kinfolk Cafe in Mundaring.

While unusually confident Red-tailed Black cockatoos foraged for nuts in the lovely trees above us, while trying to keep a little cover, so they weren't easy to see. There are four in this pic. 

This is a male's tail.

And this is a female or juvenile's tail.

It was a very nice, peaceful interlude.  If you go there, ask for the Earl Grey and Lime GF tea cake!  Delicious!

My Lymie friend, Melinda, who loves nature like I do, got this great footage of White-tailed Cockies (of the variety called Carnaby's rather than the other variety, Baudin's) that come to her bird bath for a drink and bath every day at this time of year.  Great work Melinda!  she had to do some sort of contortions in the bathtub to get this sneaky shot of them, because they are rather wary. 

I love this photo of Andrew so much.  I think his eyes show the inner peace of doing "right work," as the Buddhists call it. Elton looks happy too

Volunteers give a lot, but they get a lot back too!



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