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Friday, 1 January 2016

Short Blurbs and Brave Firey Mothers.

Fireys this morning was fun. Mum came along, since she missed the Sawyers Valley Volunteer Bushfire Brigade's Christmas Party on Tuesday.  Today they were planning on having another little get-together to use up the spare food left over from the sumptuous nosh we had on Tuesday, so we suggested she come along and meet some of the members.

Not only did mum come along, but she agreed to gear up and ride in the 1.4 with us when we went out!  How cool is that?  Good on you, mum!  She's going to join as a social member, which they jokingly told her means she has to come to *every* party.  :)

First we took the two vehicles up to the local shops and did our checks up there for a bit of PR (to see if we could get any new members!) and then we went out into the bush nearby and checked the site of a fire from the week before, which came very close to the Sawyers Valley townsite. I was very glad to see that this venerable old gentleman, the Jarrah tree I call the Faraway Tree, was saved on the day, though the fire came within metres.  Many thanks to the PAW and Volunteer firefighters who saved it!

Nikki, my fellow lady firefighter (and inspiration) got this fantastic shot of one of the helitacs over the bush on that day.

By the way, the Christmas party was fun.  Lots of good energy.  Rather reminded me of those neighbourhood parties we sometimes went to as children back in my young days.  Ah, those long, long ago days!  The kids had lots of fun climbing on the old truck, and all squeezing into the cabs of the new ones too. There were all ages there.  It really is a community Brigade.

This is the newest member, a third generation Firey, in his special PPE, made for him so he can be like Dad and Grandad.  He was so proud to wear it at the party.  The cuteness!

This afternoon I've been working on a short blurb for my newest Freya book, Freya and the Hairy Goddess.  They're always tricky because you want to get people interested, but I don't love it when the back of a book tells you too much about the story, so I try to avoid that.  As it stands right now, it goes like this:

Freya Rides Again!

As wild as ever, Freya and her evil horse, Dinna, join old friends and new in an adventure that takes them rampaging across the frozen wastes of the far north. This time, it's a quest to save the Goddess of a people she once knew only as myths. Along the way, she gets to do lots of fighting, has plenty of fun, boinks a few likely blokes, and gets into a bunch of shenanigans as only Freya knows how.

Over-the-top, funny, rude, bloodthirsty Sword and Sorcery for almost all of the family... or perhaps not! 

What do you think?  Does it make you want to read the book?  The Freya books really are a bit rampant, so if you have tender sensibilities, stick to my other titles.  They're much gentler.  :) 

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