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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Songs That Make Me Happy: Part Two.

Songs That Make Me Happy: Part One.

Woah, I missed my blogging day yesterday and never even realised!  Andyroo being home on a sabbatical from work is kind of messing with my usual routines, but it's nice all the same.  I'm sure we'll settle into things, but right now it feels like every day is a holiday.  Not that I'm complaining about that!  :)

I thought it was time I posted a few more songs that make me happy.  I always love to hear of more happy songs so please do give me links in the comments if you know one you think I might like.  Music is so important to me and am always overjoyed to come across something new that I love.

These guys are relatively new, to me at least. They are a UK duo called Crow Puppets. Their sound is so distinctive, and this video clip of, "Red Ribbons," is a lovely short animation too.

Here are very not-new band, The Cure.  I don't know how they manage to do such very dark songs, and then turn around and do such very happy songs like, "Mint Car". Listening to The Cure reminds me of nights of dancing in the dark in my younger days.

"Hal An Toe," the folk song, as done by Damh the Bard, always makes me feel boppy and bright.

Showing my age here.... "Groove is in the Heart," by Deee-lite.  So cheerful!

"Gay Bar," by Electric Six, not for the faint of heart but very lively!  As I've said before, I have eclectic tastes in music.  :)


And lucky last, the uplifting, "Wonder," by Naughty Boy and featuring Emilie Sandé.  Cool clip too.  If someone two weeks away from being 50 can still say 'cool'.  :)

I hope you enjoy my selections for you.  Friday, I promise you I'll do an update of goings on around here.  There was a cucumber explosion, for one thing! 

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