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Friday, 30 October 2015

It's been a good week!

Firstly, today I went to watch and take photos as my sister got to ride her Irish Draft Sporthorse boy, Fionn, for the first time.  He was 18 months old when she bought him and next week it's his fourth birthday, so she's been patiently raising him all this time, and now he is an almost-grown-up boy and ready for some gentle riding.

They did fantastically, and seeing the huge the smile on Jen's face was worth my coming on the the trip!  (That and getting to have a lovely chat on the way there and back with my darling sis!)

I also got to have a snuggle with Jerry, who came along to keep Fionn company on the way home.  He lived here with me for a while as a companion to my horses, and he remembers me. At 26, he's still the cutest little guy ever!

He's been a really good pony for the kids, but he needs to retire now.  He still thinks he's Bucephalus, but his years are catching up on him at last.  Anyway it's lovely that he knows me and was happy to hang with me for a while. I'm certainly still very fond of him!   

Other good stuff this week?  I've got back onto another course for beginner volunteer fireys that will be held in November, so hopefully I'll make it there this time and be qualified. How much I'll manage to do will remain to be seen, but at least that way I can be part of the team and pitch in if needed.   

I've also started doing Latin line dancing for fun.  This is us:

Well, not even close, actually :) but it really is a lot of fun even if you aren't that good! 

I've also had one visit to a local drumming circle. That was fun too and I'll be going back.  Both are things I have wanted to do for years, always thinking, "One day when I'm better I'll try that."  Well, that day is now!

One thing I'll say for long illness, once it passes at least:  It opens up your life and gives you space to try new things.  New things are good!



  1. That's so fantastic Tina....getting out and doing some exciting things..good on you ..hope that's me soon too..

    1. Me too Sherrie! You won't believe all the stuff I've been up to today! Stick with the Mickel!


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