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Monday, 2 March 2015

Photographing art, Baby Galahs and Amigurumi silliness.

As usual I am appreciating my Andyroo this morning. On the weekend he set up one of his good cameras and helped me take photographs of some of my art to possibly go into a book.

First we did this one from my 'painting from the subconscious' days.  You just start painting and see what forms begin to show, then bring them out if you want to.  It's great for freeing your work up and also for learning new ways to layer paint. I sat down with this painting after doing it and did some automatic writing, asking it questions.  If you've never done this, try it, it's very interesting.  Doesn't have to be your own art, just one that you feel drawn to for some reason.  Start off by describing it and then begin to ask it questions.  This one told me that that knight (King Arthur?) is me, riding out of the jousting arena of other people's expectations, but already wounded and losing energy!  Did he/I get out in time?  I think so!

Can't get over how well these paintings come up when photographed properly! 

There were a few smaller ones to photograph too.   This is Cernunnos.   Also begun by just laying on paint and seeing what happened.  I like these little canvases I made.  They are a fun size to play with.

I like this picture because it shows the way the light shines through the blue glass earrings/plugs I got Andyroo a few years back. 
At this time of year, the Pink and Grey Galah babies are mostly out of the nest and looking like the adults, but they still like to see if they can get an extra feed out of their long suffering parents.  This is what we get to listen to, sometimes for hours at a time if they decide to do it in the trees above the cottage. Makes the cry of a human baby seem like music!
I've been trying to capture the actual feeding sound for a while, and yesterday I lucked out!  This is what you might get if you nag your parent for long enough, annoyingly enough!

Is that a weird noise or what? And straight back to nagging again!

Writing has gone steadily this past week.  Freya is currently at 22 117 words after 16 writing days. I'm also still doing the final edit/proof on Chicken Soup for Satan. Taking my time on that, trying not to miss any mistakes. As soon as that's done I can get the cover art into gimp and titled, then get the book published. This will be the first time I get both print version and Kindle version up at the same time.  New issues will arise to be overcome, I'm sure! 

I've been working on an amigurumi lion for the last couple of weeks.  I rarely get more than a few rows done each day because I have so many other things to do, but I still enjoy that time to sit down and do a little, perhaps listening to a podcast or music at the same time.  It's so peaceful. This guy is a bit bigger than what I've made lately so it's taking a bit longer. 

Anyway, I'd sewn his legs, arms etc to his body and we were laughing about how creepy these halfway stages can be.  Personally I find the 'bodiless head' stage of some patterns worse!  Andyroo decided to find a head for this scary headless body to make it less scary.  Umm no, not less scary!  This was his first attempt.
Poor Granny Mouse has a crocheted transformer body!  Eeek!  :)

This was our second try with a baby crab. LOL!

Think lion might just have to wait for his own head! :)

Amigurumi is fun in lots of ways.  I love that I have a husband who is willing to be silly with me.  It makes life worthwhile!


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