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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Dogs of My High Pack: Buffy Part Two.

Oh, heck I have so many great pics of this dog.  One of the benefits of having a hubby who is a keen amateur photographer.  This is part one of my Buffy story, if you would like to go back and read that first.

So Buffy was full of life and energy, but Andrew were and I were very lively in those days as well.  Our two GWPs would have run us ragged otherwise.  We did so much together.  We did retrieving trials,

Obedience trials, and field trials.

We went to clicker training workshops and had so much fun training our dogs in positive ways.  We were never competing for prizes, we just really enjoyed doing stuff with our dogs together.  It would have been a rare week where we didn't go to water a few times,

And most days they had two walks and at least a bit of training.

We went camping and caravaning a lot.

And just generally had a fun time together.

She got painted quite lot too.

I have this last one right by the computer here.  It shows her in her softer moments just right.   

I re-found this little video on Youtube the other day, that I put together long ago.  It pretty much sums up Buffy.  She was such a funny dog!  She could do tricks a lot better than this, but our old dogs tend to do whatever suits them and that's fine by me. I'm glad I can watch this now and smile again!

The puppy in there is our Rosie who is now all grown up and a middle-aged lady. Hard to believe she was once so little!

Bye Buffy-boo, but not for forever. I'm hanging out to stroke those soft, soft ears again one day and tell you once again that you are the Lovingest! Until then, run free my funny girl! 





  1. Oh, did you lose her just recently?

    Saying goodbye is so hard. Its so nice to get to the stage where I can think of Lester and smile. I can't wait to flop his floppy ears too.

    What an awesome life all of your dogs have with you both. It makes me happy seeing great dog parents

  2. Hi Sue, we lost her back in June 2012 so it will soon be three years. Doesn't feel like it though! I still miss her so much. Yes I think one of things we miss most is being able to touch them. You realise how much you touch them every day, especially the snuggly ones, when you no longer can. I love seeing awesome dog parents too. :)


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